GRACO provides a wide selection of pumps suited to every application.
Choosing a pump is simple, just determine the type of system injector/metering device, power source and fluid type.

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  • GRACO G1 electric pumps are a reliable, simple alternative to manual lubrication. • Equipped with one pumping element• G1 Standard ™ does not have a built-in driver, which is a low-cost solution• G1 Plus™ has a built-in timer with an optional low level function that turns off the pump when the tank is emptyG1 pumps are discontinued and replaced by G3 and...

  • G3™ Electric Lubrication PumpWith its flexible design, including adjustable pump elements and an ability to work with both injector-based and series progressive systems, G3 is a rugged, cost-effective pump designed to serve multiple markets and applications. Three control choices also mean added fl exibility for easy lube system set-up, operation and...

  • G-MINI pumps provide reliable lubrication in a compact size, making them ideal for small machines with few points.Online Shop

  • A highly customizable solution for almost any application.GRACO's Modu-Flo system is ideal for applications where minimizing downtime is critical.Customization is easy - simply fit pumps, tanks and manifolds in any configuration to meet most requirements.Online Shop

  • Graco's LubeMaster pumps are electrically or mechanically driven for demanding applications. Durable cast iron body and internals ensure consistent performance in harsh environments. With several tank and accessory options to choose from, the LubeMaster pump kit can be easily tailored to meet the needs of virtually any application.Online Shop

  • A versatile kit designed for use with virtually any progressive or single-line orifice type lubrication system.Online Shop

  • Durable design with a solid housing makes GRACO Meter-Flo pumps designed for reliable operation in demanding applications.Online Shop

  • Injecto-Flo® GRACO pumps have an electric drive (EO-1 and EO-3) and a pneumatic drive (AO-1).Online Shop

  • Injecto-Flo® II GRACO electric pumpsLots of versatility in a small package.Online Shop

  • Thrif-T Luber® electric and manual pumpsHigh functionality at a low price, perfect match to the basic single-line orifice lubrication system.Online Shop

  • Maxi-Flo GRACO electric pumpsLubrication of machine tools with system monitoring.Compact design containing everything needed for a single-line lubrication system.Online Shop

  • LubePro™ GRACO pneumatic pumpsFor nearly 50 years, Graco Fire-Ball™ pumps have been the benchmark for durability and performance in the lubrication market.LubePro™ series pumps use the same proven quality and technology, offering a robust solution where high efficiency, high cycle speeds and flow rates are required to optimally lubricate equipment during...

  • GRACO's Modu-Flo air and hydraulic pump concept provides a proven and cost-effective way to configure custom oil or grease lubrication systems using standard components.Online Shop

  • Pneumatic pumps of the E-Series™ GRACOGRACO E series pumps are an excellent, cheaper alternative to standard pneumatic sets.Online Shop

  • Pneumatic pumps from the MSA-10 and MSA-100 GRACO series are used in lubrication systems in which the lubricant is supplied to the pump directly from the container. The pump does not require an additional reservoir.The lack of a reservoir makes the MSA series ideal for use in places where entry is difficult or undesirable.Online Shop

  • GRACO LubriSystem pneumatic and manual pumpsPumps for single-line systems. Perfect for working with LubriSystem injectors.Easy to design, modify and adapt to large and small applications.Online Shop

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