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Trabon products are used in centralized lubrication. Trabon products, now known as Graco which is leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries.

AKTIM is an authorized TRABON distributor.

  • The TRABON series mainly includes:- progressive distributors: MSP, MHH, MXP, MJ, MGO- single-line dispensers: THRIF-T-LUBER, INJECTO-FLO, LUBRISYSTEM- pumps: LUBEMASTER, MODU-FLO, THRIF-T-LUBER, INJECTO-FLO, MAXI-FLO, METER-FLO, LUBRISYSTEM, PHMore information about products in the "central lubrication systems" section of GRACO.Online Shop

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