Spherical Roller Bearings
McGill® SB series SPHERE-ROL® bearings present all of the inherent advantages of a single row spherical roller bearing. Additionally, these bearings provide the option of integral seals. Rollway® branded double row spherical bearings are unsealed and available in all popular double row configurations and sizes. They are also available with straight or tapered bore. They can also be found in a variety of clearance and retainer style options.

  • SPHERE-ROL® Bearings are available in two standard series:
    • 22200 series, 20mm to 150mm bore sizes
    • 22300 series, 40mm to 100mm bore sizes
  • SPHERE-ROL® Bearings are a sealed spherical roller bearing series. They are dimensionally interchangeable with conventional double row spherical roller bearings.
  • A single row of large rollers results in increased dynamic load capacity. It also results in up to 100% greater misalignment of conventional double-row spherical roller bearings.
  • Potential extended bearing life as a result of three different sealing options available:
    • NYLAPLATE ® seal
    • Combination labyrinth / contact seal with low running friction.
    • NYLAPLATE high temp seal
    • High temperature material combination labyrinth / contact seal for high temperature applications or where chemicals may be present.
    • LAMBDA® seal
  • Sealing features of NYLAPLATE are combined with the lip-wiping sealing function of an added contact seal. This is for applications where contamination conditions are particularly severe. It is also for where substantial amounts of moisture are present.
  • Available with cylindrical bore or tapered bore.

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