Clutches and Brakes

Our product range also includes DANFOSS Airflex clutches and brakes, BROWNING and MORSE

overload clutches, KOP-FLEX flexible couplings and MORFLEX couplings - used when the connected
shafts are misaligned (their design absorbs vibrations and alleviates impact loads).

Constricting Clutches and Brakes - drum-style products that when pressurized, expand radially
inward forcing their friction shoes against an outer cylindrical drum surface.

          Typ CB                                Typ CM                                Typ VC

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Water-cooled Airflex brakes - available in three different versions:
- WCB - an air-applied brake
- WCS - a spring applied clutch or brake
- WCSB - combination water-cooled and air-cooled brake 

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Air-Cooled Disc Clutches and Brakes are available in two versions:

- DB and FHB - spring-applied, pressurereleased multiple disc units
- DC - pressure-applied multiple disc unit that can be used as a clutch or brake
Product lines: DBA, DBB, DBBS, FHB, DC

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Combination Clutch/Brake Packages feature an air-actuated clutch and a spring-applied
disc brake for optimal performance and stopping power. They are available in 3 versions:
- FSPA - include a CB or VC clutch element, a CS, CSA or CTE spring-applied air-released brake,
a flywheel or bullgear with anti-friction bearings, clutch and brake drums, quick-release valves,
and a rotorseal
- CBC - combines an air actuated disc clutch and spring-applied brake
- DCB - feature an air-actuated disc clutch and a spring-applied disc brake

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  • Type CB Airflex units are the perfect fit for both clutch and brake applications in high-speed, cyclic operations as well as coupling and general power transmission.

  • Factoring in the potential for large inertia loads and sustained slippage, Airflex VC products are designed to excel in severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment.

  • Airflex FHB- Floating Housing Brake (FHB) is an air-cooled, spring-applied brake, specifically designed tomaximize safety and machine uptime.

  • Specifically engineered for the marine industry on diesel-driven, reverse-reduction gears Airflex CM assemblies feature ventilated friction shoes to permit clutch slippage and protect operating life.

  • Eaton caliper disc brakes offer safe, reliable braking solutions for industrial, marine, oil and gas, energy and entertainment sector applications. With a quick response time, long lifetime and simple maintenance, the brakes maximize safety and help reduce machine downtime.

  • Type E, Type EB, Type ER, Type VE Airflex Expanding Clutches and Brakes are the go-to solution for braking and tensioning applications, from construction equipment and marine winches to laundry and textile machines.

  • Type CS, Type CTEalways be prepared with Airflex spring-applied, air-released drum brakes from Eaton. Engineered to automatically engage in the event of air pressure or power loss, these brakes are perfect matches for many moderate-speed, high-torque cyclic applications.

  • Eaton Airflex produces three groups of varying single-passage Rotorseals to meet the requirements of medium to large flow volume applications.

  • Browning® Torq/Gard® overload clutches are one of the most popular torque overload devices that Power Transmission Solutions offers. A spring loaded cam follower seated in a single hub cam detent cause the hub and clutch to rotate together. Therefore, the clutch always resets in the same position if tripped, staying in phase. They can be turned in both...

  • The industry’s broadest line of conveyor backstop, overrunning and indexing clutches. Morse® mechanical clutches offer the most complete and versatile selection in the industry. Eleven series of clutches perform three basic modes of operation: • Overrunning • Indexing • Backstopping

  • Morse torque overload devices are designed to protect machinery when an overload or jam occurs. Utilizing a torque overload device can help increase production, reduce downtime and prevent costly repairs. Regal Power Transmission Solutions offers eight different types of torque overload devices available in shear pin, ball detent and friction facing designs.

  • The grid design functions as a resilient coupling by damping torsional vibration and cushioning shock loads. This results in reduced vibration at the output end of the coupling. Peak loading is reduced, for smooth torque transmission, to help protect connected equipment from potentially damaging vibratory loads.

  • KOP-FLEX® offers the widest array of gear coupling products in the industry. Every type of KOP-FLEX® gear coupling has specific features related to performance, interchangeability, and price.

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