HYDROKOMP also offers various accessories such as:
- Screw-in tools for coupling elements
- Mounting tools for seal replacement
- Clamping arms for swing clamps
- Hydraulic filters
- Connecting inserts
- Pressure gauges, with glycerin filling and screw plug
- Pressure monitoring cylinders
- Hydraulic accumulators
- Contact bolts for workholding elements

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  • These tools are used to screw the coupling mechanisms and coupling nipples secure into the housing. The screw-in tool can be tightened for example by a cordless powered screwdriver or wrench.There are different screw-in tools for coupling mechanisms and coupling nipples available. They differ in their pin assignment and various nominal diameters.Online Shop

  • Coupling mechanisms are designed in such a way that the front system seal can be replaced. This seal is subject to wear in dailly use as a result of contamination and metal fillings. If the coupling mechanism itself shows no damage the system seal can be replaced separately. HYDROKOMP has developed a suitable mounting tool to realise the replacement of...

  • HYDROKOMP offers a wide range of standard clamping arms as an accessory for our swing clamps. The portfolio includes single and double clamping arms with and without contact bolt. Blanks for the production of individual special clamping arms are also available.Online Shop

  • The filtration of hydraulic media plays a very important role for the availability and reliability of hydraulic systems. The complexity of the hydraulic system is of no particular significance in this respect. Even the simplest hydraulic systems are influenced by inad-missible contamination in the hydraulic medium.Online Shop

  • Connecting inserts are used, when two construction units on short distance shall be connected without standard screw connections.Online Shop

  • The pressure gauges are applicable for measuring points with high dynamic compressive loads and vibrations within the hydraulic.Online Shop

  • Pressure monitoring cylinders convert a hydraulic signal (test pressure/pressure loss) into a mechanical signal that can be evaluated by means of electrical or pneumatic switch units.Online Shop

  • When using hydraulic clamping systems, internal leaks and volume changes (eg. because of temperature fluctuations) must be balanced. These tasks are performed by the hydraulic accumulator.Online Shop

  • Contact bolts can be screwed directly into the inner thread of the piston rod of a workholding element or into separately available clamping arms. HYDROKOMP offers the contact bolts in various designs as accessories for the workholding elements.Online Shop

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