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Founded 1998, HYDROKOMP designs, manufactures and distributes hydraulic components, coupling systems and clamping technology for mechanical engineering, fixture construction, tooling and many other branches of industry also for different operating conditions.
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  • If there is no coupling stroke required or possible, this coupling system can be coupled separately by a control pressure. The gap between the coupling mechanism and coupling nipple can be 0.6 - 1.0 mm.

  • The built-in piston consists of a piston and a threaded bushing and it includes all seals.The built-in piston is a subassembly, which has to be integrated directly into the housing body. The housing body has the features of the cylinder housing. The advantage of this design is the minimized space requirement of the clamping or operating cylinders.

  • HYDROKOMP offers a wide range of standard clamping arms as an accessory for our swing clamps. The portfolio includes single and double clamping arms with and without contact bolt. Blanks for the production of individual special clamping arms are also available.

  • Connecting inserts are used, when two construction units on short distance shall be connected without standard screw connections.

  • Contact bolts can be screwed directly into the inner thread of the piston rod of a workholding element or into separately available clamping arms. HYDROKOMP offers the contact bolts in various designs as accessories for the workholding elements.

  • Coupling elements of HYDROKOMP are made of stainless materials. This enables the elements to be used for all fluids and gases. HYDROKOMP offers coupling elements for two different operating modes depressurized coupling or pressurized coupling.

  • The pistons of this series of cylinders are equipped with a threaded through hole, which can be used, for example, for screwing in tie rods. The external thread of the housing allows a variety of mounting options, including the use of locknuts

  • When using hydraulic clamping systems, internal leaks and volume changes (eg. because of temperature fluctuations) must be balanced. These tasks are performed by the hydraulic accumulator.

  • Block cylinders are popular design elements in all areas where very powerful short strokes are required. Block cylinders have internal piston rod threads for secure screw-in contact bolts. Their compact cubic shape facilitates attachment and guarantees high operating pressures. Various versions of hydraulic oil feed cover the whole range of applications.

  • The filtration of hydraulic media plays a very important role for the availability and reliability of hydraulic systems. The complexity of the hydraulic system is of no particular significance in this respect. Even the simplest hydraulic systems are influenced by inad-missible contamination in the hydraulic medium.

  • The HYDROKOP offers two types of Hydraulic Intensifiers:- Hydraulik intensifiers, cylindrical- Hydraulic intensifier with block housing

  • The universal cylinder is suitable to process changing work pieces with variable sizes in one clamping fixture

  • HYDROKOMP offers several types of hydraulic valves: - Sequence valves- Check valves witout/with pilot control- Throttle check valves- Pressure reducing valves- Directional valves

  • When it is about increasing machining accuracy, the work supports are ideal components to avoid vibrations and deflection while machining workpieces.

  • The clamping mechanism in this series of hydraulic cylinders works on the lever principle.Compared to pendulum clamps, lever clamps have a more compact design and a higher clamping force.

  • This cylinder is suitable for locking of movable machine tables. It is equipped with either one or two pistons. The loading of the piston is done hydraulically via a centralized pressure system. Each piston has its separate port. Various locking cylinders can be integrated into the machine control system. The relief of the piston is effected by the...

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