Hydraulic elements

HYDROKOMP also supplies pressure generators, various types of hydraulic valves and hydraulic intensifiers.

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  • The HYDROKOP offers two types of pumps: - Pressure pump-units, air-hydraulic- Screw pumps with block housing or threaded body housingOnline Shop

  • The HYDROKOP offers two types of Hydraulic Intensifiers:- Hydraulik intensifiers, cylindrical- Hydraulic intensifier with block housingOnline Shop

  • The sequence valves are used in the clamping hydraulics as a directly controlled sequence valve. The compact design allows space-saving installation directly in the fixture. The sequence valve is a poppet valve which operates without leakage oil compared to a spool valve.Online Shop

  • Pilot-operated check valves block of leakage-free cylinders combinedwith non leakage-free directional control valves and pressure maintenance on uncoupled parts of the installation (clamping pallets).Online Shop

  • Pressure reducing valves are ideal for the application in static leak-oil free clamping systems, which are decoupled by a pressure pump unit.Online Shop

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