GRACO provides a range of accessories to ensure proper operation and monitoring of lubrication systems.

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  • Trabon Performance Indicators are pressure-sensitive devices that pinpoint excessive pressure in Trabon series progressive lubricating systems. These devices, which are installed in the alternate outlet ports of divider valves, signal a fault either by causing an indicator pin to protrude or by releasing lubricant to the atmosphere.Online Shop

  • Broken Line Indicators are small monitoring devices which are installed in divider valve outlet ports for terminating oil, terminating grease or recirculating oil systems.They are designed to monitor (protect) line integrity of lubricant transmission lines for critical bearing points on a machine.Online Shop

  • Six steel balls in a clear sleeve follow a magnet which moves with the cycling piston, providing a clear visual indication of lube cycles.Online Shop

  • • Monitors piston movement to ensure completed lubrication cycle–must have cycle indicator pin• Provides positive feedback based on actual metering piston movement• Mounts to MJ, MSP, MXP, or MX divider with cycle pin option with simple install• Able to be set for normally open or normally closed operationOnline Shop

  • Graco’s Trabon Cycle Proximity Switches are used for providing a signal to a Monitor, Controller or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to indicate the number of cycles and cycle rate of a Series-Progressive (SP) divider valve; this signal is transmitted via a feedback loop to the Controller, providing the status of the lubrication cycle it is programmed...

  • • Easy to visually adjust line pressure and reset pressure to ensure your lube system has vented properly• LED lights visually display pressure switch functions• Modern 4-pin M12 micro-connector easily connects to the G3 and other controllers• Turns off your pump or controller and activates venting once the lube system reaches the desired pressure...

  • Graco, Trabon and Manzel filters are available in many configurations, pressure values and filtering options. They are usually used to remove potentially harmful contaminants from the lubricant before they reach the lubrication points.Online Shop

  • Oil brushes are used, for example, to lubricate chains.Online Shop

  • High-quality fittings for pipes and hoses are designed for use with GRACO® lubrication systems.Online Shop

  • The GRACO pressure gauges are simple, reliable, economical and widely tested for a variety of applications, and at the same time have a measurement accuracy of up to ± 2% of the scale range. They are recommended for use with grease, oil, air, water or any other medium that will not degrade the properties of brass.Online Shop

  • Check valves for central lubrication systems.Online Shop

  • Hoses and pipes for central lubrication systems.Online Shop

  • • 9-30 VDC power supply• Easy to mount without having to open up the control box• LEDs let you know what your system is doing at a glance• Easy to read digital display makes it simple to program and monitor your equipment• In-cab visual and audible alarms let the operator know your equipment needs attention.• Simple icon based push buttons make...

  •  • Customize your lubrication time, pressure, cycle counts and machine counts for maximum precision• Simple icon and menu-based user interface is easy to setup and operate, saving valuable technician time• Rugged and weatherproof, meeting stringent IP69K protection requirements• Works with single line resistive, single line parallel, series progressive...

  • The Solid-State Timer from Graco operates on standard 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz input power, and provides a total on and off cycle with “on” periods to meet your specific lubrication system’s requirements. Total cycle times can be set from 1/2 minute to 32 hours. “On” time during the total cycle time can be set from 12 seconds to 13 minutes.Online Shop

  • The WMP III Maxi-Monitor GRACO is a micro processor based controller, dedicated to the operation and monitoring of a centralized lubrication system. WMP III is designed to schedule lube intervals and monitor the operation of Trabon pumps and divider valves in intermittent operating systems.Online Shop

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