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Since 1926, Graco Inc. has been a leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries. Graco designs and manufactures premium equipment to pump, meter, mix and dispense a wide variety of fluids. Graco equipment is used in a broad range of industries, including construction, chemicals, paint, municipal and oil and gas.

AKTIM is an authorized distributor of GRACO.

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  • We have in stock a GRACO peristaltic hose pump type EP3 24L530.The pump is new, unused.Net price: 1950,00 EUROnline Shop

  • Features• Conserves air - air required only during spray interval• Versatile - can be used with any centralized lube system or mechanical oiler and will handle grease or oil• External mix nozzle purges itself and prevents clogging• Saves lubricant - by spraying smaller amounts at frequent intervals, provides better film, no wasteOnline Shop

  • Air-Oil LubricationGRACO AO MSP divider valves are reliable dosing valves for central lubrication systems. AO MSP valves are a guarantee of high quality in lubrication systems.Online Shop

  • Broken Line Indicators are small monitoring devices which are installed in divider valve outlet ports for terminating oil, terminating grease or recirculating oil systems.They are designed to monitor (protect) line integrity of lubricant transmission lines for critical bearing points on a machine.Online Shop

  • Check valves for central lubrication systems.Online Shop

  • Compact Series Progressive (CSP) divider valvesGraco Quality in a Compact PackageCSP Valves - for the progressive delivery of mineral oil and grease for lubricationCombine with field-proven G-Series pumps for a complete system solutionOnline Shop

  • • Monitors piston movement to ensure completed lubrication cycle–must have cycle indicator pin• Provides positive feedback based on actual metering piston movement• Mounts to MJ, MSP, MXP, or MX divider with cycle pin option with simple install• Able to be set for normally open or normally closed operationOnline Shop

  • Graco Dyna-Star Series pumps provide reliable oil or grease transfer or automatic lubrication in heavy-duty construction, mining, agricultural or industrial applications. A complete line of pneumatic, hydraulic or electric pumps and modules will meet your versatile needs.Online Shop

  • Pneumatic pumps of the E-Series™ GRACOGRACO E series pumps are an excellent, cheaper alternative to standard pneumatic sets.Online Shop

  • Graco, Trabon and Manzel filters are available in many configurations, pressure values and filtering options. They are usually used to remove potentially harmful contaminants from the lubricant before they reach the lubrication points.Online Shop

  • High-quality fittings for pipes and hoses are designed for use with GRACO® lubrication systems.Online Shop

  • G-MINI pumps provide reliable lubrication in a compact size, making them ideal for small machines with few points.Online Shop

  • GRACO G1 electric pumps are a reliable, simple alternative to manual lubrication. • Equipped with one pumping element• G1 Standard ™ does not have a built-in driver, which is a low-cost solution• G1 Plus™ has a built-in timer with an optional low level function that turns off the pump when the tank is emptyG1 pumps are discontinued and replaced by G3 and...

  • G3™ Electric Lubrication PumpWith its flexible design, including adjustable pump elements and an ability to work with both injector-based and series progressive systems, G3 is a rugged, cost-effective pump designed to serve multiple markets and applications. Three control choices also mean added fl exibility for easy lube system set-up, operation and...

  • High volume output at high pressures for the most demanding applications.Online Shop

  • GL-1 X™, GL-1 XL™ InjectorsFor Single-Line Parallel Automatic Lubrication Systems.• Increased operating pressure to the lubrication point• Faster venting time for better performance in low temperatures and long lines• No vent holes to leak lubricantsReliable and high-performing injectors built to last in the most demanding applications.Online Shop

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