Coupling Technology

HYDROKOMP hydraulic couplings enable tight and safe connection in hydraulic systems.
They are characterized by small dimensions and the ability to work at high pressure of the medium.
The couplings make it possible to connect and disconnect systems under pressure.
The HYDROKOMP company provides couplings tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer.

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  • Manual coupling systems are applied with machine tools that operate with hydraulic fixtures but do not have a standard equipment of a hydraulic interface for oil supply to the fixture pallet. The operating personnel take care of coupling and decoupling. In contrast to quick-locking couplings, manual couplings do not bear the danger of mixing up pressure...

  • If there is no coupling stroke required or possible, this coupling system can be coupled separately by a control pressure. The gap between the coupling mechanism and coupling nipple can be 0.6 - 1.0 mm.Online Shop

  • Coupling elements of HYDROKOMP are made of stainless materials. This enables the elements to be used for all fluids and gases. HYDROKOMP offers coupling elements for two different operating modes depressurized coupling or pressurized coupling.Online Shop

  • Multiple coupling systems are predominantly used in machine tools, where they serve as the interface for media transmission between the fixture pallet and the loading and unloading station, or the machining station. Applications have been successfully carried out in other areas of engineering, such as handling technology, robotics and in the construction...

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