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Work Support, Self-Locking

This cylinder is suitable for locking of movable machine tables. It is equipped with either one or two pistons. The loading of the piston is done hydraulically via a centralized pressure system. Each piston has its separate port. Various locking cylinders can be integrated into the machine control system. The relief of the piston is effected by the pressure reduction in the system.

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Power hydraulics, CNC Fixtures

The locking cylinder does not have any safety device to prevent the piston from falling out of the housing. It is not allowed to pressurise the locking cylinder if there is no counter surface for the piston.

To increase the operational safety during the application of locking cylinders, we recommend the installation of pressure monitoring elements in each hydraulic circuit. If possible, the locking cylinder should be connected via two seperate hydraulic circuits. Each should be secured by a check valve.

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