Material Types

PLEASE NOTE: Alwayse Ball Units are available in four standard material options.
Specialised materials are also available.

  • TYPE 13: General use & cost efficiency
    All Carbon Steel balls & body
  • TYPE 14: Handling delicate materials
    Nylon load ball with Carbon Steel body
  • TYPE 15: Use in very damp conditions
    All Stainless Steel balls & body
  • TYPE 16: Occasional moisture exposure
    Stainless Steel balls & Carbon Steel body

Flange Fixing Units
General purpose, low profile Ball Transfer Units available in a variety of load ratings,
materials and number of hole fixings. Some transfer units have an integral seal.

Flange Fixing Unit

Thread Fixing Units
Adjustable height Ball Transfer Units available with a variety of stem lengths and thread sizes.


Miscellaneous Units
A range of Ball Transfer Units featuring a 25.4mm diameter load ball.

  • 1004 supplied with circlip

  • 1007 has interference fixing

  • 1500 is a plain bodied unit

Tube Fixing Units
Tube fixing achieved by using a spring washer or bush in a suitable sized tube.
Available in 3 sizes and suitable for use as a castor.

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